It dosn’t matter where you are from and what religion you claim to be. When you look up in the sky and see a light, when you look down at the ground and see an ant. Whenever you feel that feeling of greatness, that feeling that tells you there is bigger things in life then yourself. That is what being human is all about, and it is UNIVERSAL!

When you see a scene or image that makes you feel deep feelings, or when you look at a huge undertaking be it by humans or nature and you can’t help but to feel small and tiny.

These are everyday moments that helps you to realize that we are all just a small drop in the big picture, that our existence is as small as the ANT carrying food back to it’s colony or as big as a rail line that connects millions of people every day. We all have a unique purpose which affects the people and things around us!

We all have our purpose, even when it’s not obvious.

It is easy to lose focus and think of broken dreams and failed achievements. But they are just like us. Small thigs in a big picture. What we might see big and significant today can look small and dumb tomorrow. But that is the process of enlightenment. To Realize that todays actions will reflect on tomorrows wants. Once we realize that tomorrow wants are guided by God, once we realize that we have free will and even though God might try to guide us, we can stray away from the path that is truly intended for us. That is the beauty of being human! To make mistakes but more importantly to learn from them and try to make a better Self, and the only way to make a better self is to make what is around you better. Deep inside you know what is right and what is wrong. Don’t fight your bad tendencies with conscious counter hatred or self pity. But rather find comfort and peace knowing these are test that will ultimately help you become the person you are meant to be.

When you close your eyes and ask forgiveness, it dose not matter what religion you are! Your focus and thoughts and most importantly your ENERGY goes to the same place. In the hands of GOD! It’s so much more then a belief, but it’s the fact that once we look into ourselves and align our thoughts and intentions to our best abilities to do good and better what we know, then we ultimately put ourselves in harmony with the path that is OUR Destiny! The Path that is YOUR Destiney!

God Welcomes All, It’s Up To You TO Look For It IN Your Everyday Actions, The Same Actions That Will Determine Your Tomorrow! Find Peace Knowing God Is With YOU! When you have a decision IN front of you, Don’t be Selfish. Be SELFLESS!

Becoming SELFLESS is allowing your body to be a vessel that allows God To Better Help You With Your Actions For The Choices Presented Before You.

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