Where Do YOU Stand? What Do YOU Fight For?

When they ask you to fight for what matters, you will see that you must choose a side. There are no right or wrong sides, there is only the side that you choose to lean on. It’s easy to follow the crowd and go wherever they lead, be it fighting for injustice, or looting, or destroying history, or even becoming violent themselves to other people that are different from them, essentially becoming exactly what they are fighting for.

Nothing stays the same, so don’t be fooled to follow a crowd that changes their path. One day you are fighting for injustice, the second day you are destroying statues and forming a demilitarized zone which ironically is controlled by militarized crowds that are violent and unjust, and the third day you are demanding history to be erased, cultural movies to be taken down, and to remove anything remotely offensive. What are you fighting for now? Has this movement moved away from its main goal? Are we using this Injustice as an excuse to propel ideals that do not match the original sin that was wronged, essentially becoming exactly what we are fighting against?

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