Where Do YOU Stand? What Do YOU Fight For?

When they ask you to fight for what matters, you will see that you must choose a side. There are no right or wrong sides, there is only the side that you choose to lean on. It’s easy to follow the crowd and go wherever they lead, be it fighting for injustice, or looting, or destroying history, or even becoming violent themselves to other people that are different from them, essentially becoming exactly what they are fighting for.

Nothing stays the same, so don’t be fooled to follow a crowd that changes their path. One day you are fighting for injustice, the second day you are destroying statues and forming a demilitarized zone which ironically is controlled by militarized crowds that are violent and unjust, and the third day you are demanding history to be erased, cultural movies to be taken down, and to remove anything remotely offensive. What are you fighting for now? Has this movement moved away from its main goal? Are we using this Injustice as an excuse to propel ideals that do not match the original sin that was wronged, essentially becoming exactly what we are fighting against?

You MUST stand up for what is right, but you must not follow the crowds belief that has morphed into something which it was not it’s inception. The fact is black lives matter, white peoples lives matter, even animal lives matter. We were all put here on this earth to follow our path and do what is right. The power is with numbers, change is done together. But a rudderless boat will crash just like a confused ideal of justice in society. 

Going into the street and voicing your opinions is perfect and must be done. There is no other way. All the different human races are coming together to fight injustice. But there is a fine line from voicing your opinion and demanding change with strong and powerful protests, compared to becoming violent and ultimately becoming the injustice you yourself are trying to change.

Take for example destruction of statues, deleting of historical figures, and the active change to be eradicate anything that might seem offensive. That is no difference then ISIS and the handful of terrorists that destroy and try to erase history because for the simple reason they do not agree with it, it offends them. The real reason of deleting history it to try and carve a new FUTURE! The reality is History tends to repeat itself, instead of trying to silence the acts and beliefs of historical figures that cannot defend themselves, it should be seen as an OPPORTUNITY to remember all the things that the human race endured and persevered. Just becomes there is a statue that represents something you do not agree with, you do not need to glorify it. Leave it up as a symbol of what we were able to overcome. Leave it as a Motivation to never go back the way it was. Leave it as a reminder that without a past there can be no future. The past are the building blocks for tomorrows future! The saying is the same!  Don’t build walls but build bridges!  Don’t take down statues, but put up new ones! New statues that represent the success as a people, statues that embrace the past so that they can CLEARLY SEE THE FUTURE! 

What examples are we setting for our kids and future generations? We are actively teaching them to become extreme. To Fight with violence against anything what you do not agree with. To erase history. To FIGHT INJUSTICE WITH INJUSTICE! Dose looting help anyone except the people doing the looting?  Is changing brands Logos and removing movies from access, justice? By Deleting the culture that has brought us here, by firewalling classics that that have paved the way to where we are today will make the future generations BLIND to why things are as they are! The NEW FUTURE will only be what they are told, because they can’t see it or understand by them selves, that is how extremism is formed, by blocking knowledge and erasing history.

As we ALL have seen, a Protest for police brutality has grown to looting and Violence in itself. That is evidence that the Future we are deleting now, will only be replaced with extremism and that ideal will change VERY FAST, to something MUCH DIFFERENT and NOT ANTICIPATED. We have gone to protesting Police Brutality, to signaling black lives matter (which is fine of course). But from there, we have used that excuses we have then evolved that Ideal and formed areas that the police do not operate anymore. We have transformed peaceful locations to civil warfare areas of battle, people against people. How can we Fight Injustice when we are UNJUST Ourselves? EASY!  Because that is not the REAL AGGENDA!  It’s an excuse. Ominous “FAKE LEADERS” are taking control of this rudderless crowd and directing them to their own ideals.

For Instance, in one of the demilitarized zones, gangs with guns rule. Does that sound peaceful to you? People from ALL RACES ALL OVER THE WORLD HAVE COME TOGETHER to fight alongside one another for police brutality. But in many areas they are now targeting Whites. Even though all humans are all in the same boat together. A Fake Leader Demanded that the whites give money to a black person next to them. But These Protests are not about Race. It’s Much Deeper Than That!  It’s about UNIVSERAL FREEDOM, UNIVERSAL EQUALISM, UNIVERSAL RIGHTS AS HUMAN BEINGS!  

While yes, this was born from repeated black deaths, it’s not in essence a BLACK movement. It’s a HUMAN Movement! Remember Strength is in NUMBERS. We have finally all come together around the world. But We are now dividing ourselves AGAIN! The Ideal of change has morphed in the IDEAL OF VIOLENCE.

Thankfully there are still many people that do not engage in that. But standing aside and letting the confused crowd take over, will force us to soon begin fighting something else. The good people distance themselves from the chaos. They Participate in PEACEFUL Protests. Even if they cause a big problems. Unfortunately, The Good MUST protect the good, and TEACH THE BAD TO STOP.  If not the BAD will be motivated because there are no GOOD to stand in their way.

The Human essence is a GOOD ESSANCE. The Bad is ATTRACTIVE because it is easy! Without GOOD LEADERSHIP The Bad Will Simply Takeover. An Invasive Species will take over everything unless something is done to stop it, or at least to SLOW it down. A Leach will keep sucking blood until it is removed, A weed will destroy a garden if not dealt with. Denying a problem will not solve it, in essence creating a NEW Problem will not solve an Older Problem. It’s like getting a second loan to pay off the first loan, essentially you still have the same problem.

In this case the problem in INJUSTICE. Spread the word to the crowds to focus on the problem of Police Brutality for all the human races, remind them that the erasing of history will not solve our future problems! But Most of all, remind them WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!    Strength In NUMBERS!    The GOOD Must Prevail! We must not trade 1 form on injustice and replace it with another!

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