Deserving God

I would like to talk to you today about the subject of deserving God.

First, let me say that I believe that everyone deserves God. No one is excluded from this. Whether you are a good person or a bad person, whether you believe in God or not, you deserve God.

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Where Do YOU Stand? What Do YOU Fight For?

When they ask you to fight for what matters, you will see that you must choose a side. There are no right or wrong sides, there is only the side that you choose to lean on. It’s easy to follow the crowd and go wherever they lead, be it fighting for injustice, or looting, or destroying history, or even becoming violent themselves to other people that are different from them, essentially becoming exactly what they are fighting for.

Nothing stays the same, so don’t be fooled to follow a crowd that changes their path. One day you are fighting for injustice, the second day you are destroying statues and forming a demilitarized zone which ironically is controlled by militarized crowds that are violent and unjust, and the third day you are demanding history to be erased, cultural movies to be taken down, and to remove anything remotely offensive. What are you fighting for now? Has this movement moved away from its main goal? Are we using this Injustice as an excuse to propel ideals that do not match the original sin that was wronged, essentially becoming exactly what we are fighting against?

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Your Truth IS You

Your Truth IS You

No matter what, the reality is that you are your own self. Every time you receive feedback good or bad you must take a step back and see the truth about it. It is not about questioning everything but rather it is about introspection!
By realizing your own self, you will be able to better lead a fulfilling life. Receiving a compliment is always nice. It is human to take it and to use it to build your high horse, your own Pedestal. On the other hand, receiving a complaint is never nice, but it is human to take it personally and get upset. But we cannot stop at being human. We need to strive and better ourselves, we need to search for WISDOM and ENLIGHTENMENT by introspection. Only in this way are we able to GROW both Personally and Spiritually.

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Downward Spiral

When your past hunts you, it can make you sad and depressed. Be it for something that you did, or something someone did to you. It’s rough. The more you think about it, the farther down you go into your state of mind. A BIG Never Ending Spiral, SO BIG that when you reach Rock Bottom it only means you will start Digging to go even Deeper.

It is essentially a vortex that sucks the energy out of you, that sucks the LIFE out of you. It can happen to anybody at any given time! What’s scary is that you don’t know when you are in the spiral just how far down you will go and if you will ever find the strength to be able to get out of it. Sometimes it can happen that a person spirals so down that they contemplate death and harm to oneself or others.

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Sometimes You Just “Gotta” Take The Time

Sometimes all goes wrong and we go through, what they call “One Of Those Days”. Occasionally we can also have one of those “Weeks” OR “Months” even “Years”. It’s part of life, it’s a very hard part. After dedicating countless hours, countless dedication, and countless effort, you see your goal completely disappear, unattainable. It is okay to feel sad or depressed during those times. That is a natural reaction. What matters is where you direct those emotions. Feeling those feelings dose not give you the right to treat other people bad. If you feel you are going to be mad and mean (if not even wore, AGGESIVE!) to anything else. It can be people, animals, or even objects. Just go take some time, it’s alright.

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It dosn’t matter where you are from and what religion you claim to be. When you look up in the sky and see a light, when you look down at the ground and see an ant. Whenever you feel that feeling of greatness, that feeling that tells you there is bigger things in life then yourself. That is what being human is all about, and it is UNIVERSAL!

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