Sometimes You Just “Gotta” Take The Time

Sometimes all goes wrong and we go through, what they call “One Of Those Days”. Occasionally we can also have one of those “Weeks” OR “Months” even “Years”. It’s part of life, it’s a very hard part. After dedicating countless hours, countless dedication, and countless effort, you see your goal completely disappear, unattainable. It is okay to feel sad or depressed during those times. That is a natural reaction. What matters is where you direct those emotions. Feeling those feelings dose not give you the right to treat other people bad. If you feel you are going to be mad and mean (if not even wore, AGGESIVE!) to anything else. It can be people, animals, or even objects. Just go take some time, it’s alright.

Taking time is helpful for any situation and anyone. Taking time is not watching tv, but rather doing an active activity with your brain. Be it meditating in your room, or knitting, gardening, drawing, etc, and believe it or not, even sleeping! What happens when you take time for yourself and do something active with your mind is amazing. When you let go of your problems and focus your mind on something productive, your brain activity alters state. You are not completely conscious because you’re deep in your brain. Of course, it will take a millisecond to snap out of it. But when you reach that state of mind YOU CREATE harmony and attract positive vibrations that help you become a channel for gods help to start flowing back into you. I’m not teaching anything here, we all do it already automatically!

How many times have you stopped focusing on a BIG problem or disappointment by doing something you do so well that you do automatically? For example, even driving or doing your favorite hobby. Sometimes you get an epiphany, that moment where you get that clarity, the belief, the understanding, of what is really going on with your current state. You have definitely experienced this before!

We all have. How can we spend days, months, even years thinking about a problem or something that has happened and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere we get the complete clarity and understanding, in other words the WISDOM we needed. But up until that moment what we wanted to know was simply incomprehensible to us. That is because we were able to get our mind state to a different level. Have it take control for a little. We are always firsthand driving the brain. Let the brain drive itself. You can pray, do mantras, whatever you like (EXCEPT watching tv, audio books, or even listing to music) those set the mood. If you let your body “go” doing those things, it will pickup whatever mood that “object” is expelling. A fast paced song might keep you on edge, a sad movie can put you down, so by being able to just listen to your heart, to your breath, your body will auto regulate to the optimum level for attaining your mind to that state of harmony. We all already do this, most time it’s by accident. Practicing this consciously will help you achieve this state more often and quicker. Think of it as Downloading. The more you connect the more you get out of it. Like I mentioned, since you already do it, why not get better at it?

One cool thing you can do, if you have a busy schedule or would just like to get more practice in, WITHOUT any work. Sleeping! Sleeping accomplishes all the required tasks to reach the optimum level of your brain state. 1) You let your brain “go”  2) You have no stimulants around you like music, tv, etc.  3) You are able to self-regulate your heartbeat and clear your mind automatically.  A cool think I learned by doing, is if you have a big problem or anything on your mind try falling asleep with a pure heart and your asking on repeat. For example, don’t feel anxious for a problem and just repeat it while you fall asleep. But rather, ask for specific wisdom. Please help me find a solution for this, or explanation for that. The last thing you think about is what will keep circulating in your brain for the rest of that sleep cycle. Your lucky if you wake up many times at night, you can correct if every time you wake up.

Sometimes these things seem like they happen just instantly!  As if we mediate one time and we get a solution. The reality is we all do this automatically, sometimes we do not even realize we did it, for example while driving or sleeping. But you realize that When You DO These connections more consciously, they are stronger. It is as if you just turbo charged the last part of the download for that issue. So why not turbo charge not just the end, but the whole download?  

So just remember, TAKING TIME Is “Everyones” Right. If your Big, Medium, Or Small, Old, Or Young, Try Taking Time, it`ll be fun.  

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